• Image of Deluxe limited edition Album Art Book. 200 made signed and numbered

Available January 26th 2024. 16 tracks , over 100 pieces of custom artwork inspired by the lyrics and themes in the songs. Exclusive release edition, 1 of 200. Each signed and numbered

THIS IS THE MOST IN DEPTH RELEASE FROM A BAND YOU CAN GET :). Many bands have things we offer but none of them do it all themselves on this scale

The Survival Code are delighted to present the "Whispers Of Woe" Hard back book edition which is a 72 page, full colour offering which includes the 14 track album, 2 exclusive tracks only available on this offering, over 100 pieces of art created for the release and a lot more

- A cd album with the 14 tracks released from the to January 26th 2024
- 2 exclusive tracks recorded in the same sessions not on release anywhere else. available to watch on youtube and download
- over 100 pieces of art and design created by The Survivial Code
- Song meaings, discussion, lyrics, guitar/amp specs and more
- Signed Or Unsigned copies available

Please contact us for shipping outside the UK

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