• Image of Debut album MMXV

MMXV has 11 powerful tracks that will rock your world. From the first single "living a lie" to the new single "Ratrace" there is something for all rock fans from old to today.

"big dynamic shifts, impactful choruses, and very clean and tight rhythm section interplay" - Midlands Rocks

"MMXV is a strong debut from the London rock trio and it sets the band apart from the overwhelming competition in the rock genre, This is a record for the guitar band enthusiast and an absolute must for any rock music fan’s collection" - ROCKSINS

" If your looking for an album full of the intensity of a punk band and the sing-along goodness of a pop band with a sprinkle of heaviness and experimental tampering here and there then you will definitely want to be grabbing yourself the new album 'MMXV’ - Noizze UK

"the songs here are earthy and powerful, and although they’re never anything less than melodic there are definitely some pleasing original touches here" - power play magazine